Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions:

Our goal is to provide affordable, educational classes to youth as young as 10. By providing awareness and knowledge, participants will be taught valuable information on how to change negative values and impulses.

Courses give information on how to make better choices, instead of making the same mistakes over again. We explain, in detail and easy to understand lessons, what is the right thing to do and why doing the right thing will make life better.

The topics covered in our classes can help a young person succeed in their personal, educational, and social life.

Making responsible decisions are key skills everyone needs to learn. Thinking skills include problem solving, decision-making, critical thinking, controlling impulses, and creativity. These types of skills are important as they arm a young person with knowledge to help make better choices, evaluate information objectively, explore alternatives, and understand consequences

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Alcohol Education for Minors (MIP) Alcohol - Underage Drinking

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: This class is designed to help participants expand their knowledge on the dangers of alcohol and underage drinking.

Topics Covered: Pre-Test / Alcohol and The Law / Alcohol Awareness / Alcohol and Your Brain and Body / Underage Drinking / Consequences of An Underage DUI / Peer Pressure and Alcohol / Under the Influence / Alcohol, Driving and Understanding Blood Alcohol Content / DUI and Legal Consequences / Nathan Harmon’s Victim Impact Story / and Post-Test.

Anger Management

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: The heat of the moment can get away from us and thinking errors can have serious consequences. This anger management class teaches how to make a plan to avoid these thinking errors and moderate emotions. Overall, the class is educational in nature and includes information on exploring the root of anger, defining anger, personal responsibility, coping strategies, and making better decisions.

Topics Covered: Pre-Test / Self-Scoring Assessment: Do I Have an Anger Issue? / The Purpose of Feelings / What Is Bothering You? / Personal Responsibility and Anger / Communication Skills / Impulse Control Part 1 / Impulse Control Part 2 / Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 1 / Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 2, and Post-Test.

Conflict Management

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: Conflict is a natural part of human relationships. However, it’s how you work through the conflict that is important. Much conflict can be avoided with simple communication. This class will focus on behavior and general communication skills to help a young person navigate through the emotions of conflict and what are the best choices when faced with conflict.

Topics Covered: Effective Communication / Conflict Management / Communication Is a Two-Way Street / Family Conflict / Assertive Vs. Aggressive / Setting Boundaries / Making Good Choices / Impulse Control Part 1 / and Impulse Control Part 2.

Consequences of Crime

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: This class teaches youth about the potential consequences of their choices and behaviors. It covers how to handle difficult emotions, impulses and how to develop problem solving skills, gain self-esteem and how to handle the challenges of peer pressure to use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

Topics Covered: Digital Citizenship / Theft, Shoplifting, And Stealing / Making Good Choices / Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 1 / Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 2 / Consequences of An Under-Age DUI / Peer Pressure and Alcohol / Impulse Crimes / and Nathan Harmon’s Victim Impact Story.

Decision Making and Good Judgment

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: Decisions can have a big impact on your life. Decision making and good judgment can have long term consequences – both good and bad. It is important to have strong decision-making skills and to develop good judgment so that you can make right decisions time and time again. In this class we’ll cover the basics about good judgment and decision making, learn how to make better decisions, explore some real-life examples of good and bad decision making and talk about pitfalls to avoid when making decisions.

Topics Covered: Pre-Test, Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 1, Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 2, How We Make Decisions, Seeming Unimportant Decisions, Decisions and Values, Impulse Control Part 1, Impulse Control Part 2, Making Good Choices, Your Values, and Post-Test.

Digital Citizenship

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: This 4-hour class is designed to educate youth as young as 10 years old learn about appropriate and responsible behavior when using today’s technology. The class will cover online safety, and making good choices while using their device. The program places an emphasis on sexting prevention, hate speech and understanding their role and responsibilities in a digital society. Often times a decision in the moment can cause both psychological and legal harm in the future. Such consequences can include being charged with production and distribution of child pornography, bullying, hate speech, and more.

Topics Covered: Pre-Test, Digital Citizenship / Sexting, Bullying and Harassment Are Related / Making Good Choices, Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 1 / Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 2 / Impulse Control / and Post-Test.

Impulse Control

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: This class will cover the consequences whether they be negative, positive, minor or significate and the importance of your actions before acting, especially when potentially significant, negative consequences could be at play. At the end of the class, you will understand what an impulse is and when we lack impulse control it can lead to ruined relationships lost jobs, legal trouble missed educational opportunities, injury and even death.

Topics Covered: Pre-Test / What Is Impulse Control? / The Importance of Controlling Impulses / Different Types of Impulses / Taming Impulses, What Is Defiant Behavior? / Lack Of Impulse Control and Ignoring Danger / Lack of Self-Control / What Is Good Impulse Control? / Benefits Of Having Good Self-Control / Impulse Control Crimes with Examples / Making Good Choices / Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 1 / Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 2 / and Post-Test

Making Good Choices

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: Whatever your dreams for the future are, the choices you make today are extremely important. If you have big dreams for the future, you need to take responsibility for your choices right now. Today! This class will help you take things one choice at a time. You’ll also learn why it can be difficult and how to practice these skills so you are on a path to a happy and fulfilled life. Making good choices are the foundation for life and success.

Topics Covered: Pre-Test / Making Good Choices, Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 1 / Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 2 / Impulse Control / Impulse Control Part 1/ Impulse Control Part 2 / and Post-Test.

Marijuana/THC Awareness

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: This Marijuana//THC Awareness educates participants on the adverse physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral effects of marijuana use. Upon completion the participant will understand how marijuana can impair short-term memory, judgment, and perception.

Topics Covered: Pre-Test / Marijuana/THC / History of Marijuana / Marijuana And Its Addictive Qualities / Marijuana As A Drug / Marijuana’s Effects On The Brain and Body /Synthetic Marijuana / Drug Facts / Small Choices That Can Hurt You In The Future /Decision Making and Good Judgement /and Post-Test.

Minor in Possession (MIP) Drug & Alcohol Education Class

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: Drugs and alcohol are everywhere. From legal prescriptions and legally purchased liquor to street drugs and underage drinking. It’s no wonder why or how adults and teens alike start something that could turn into a destructive habit. After completing this class, participants will have information on the dangers associated with drugs and alcohol. The class will cover the effects of drugs on the brain and body, detailed information on 25 different drugs, consequences of drugs and alcohol, and values.

Topics Covered: Pre-Test, Alcohol and The Law, Alcohol Awareness, Alcohol and Your Brain and Body, Underage Drinking / History of Marijuana / Marijuana/THC As a Drug / Marijuana’s Addictive Qualities / Synthetic Marijuana / Drug Facts / Consequences of An Underage DUI, Peer Pressure and Alcohol, Underage Drinking / Fentanyl, Heroin, and Post-Test.

Responsibility and Character-Building Class

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: This class gives examples of what good character looks like, and the importance of taking responsibility. Participants are told stories on the importance of developing character qualities such as self-control, sacrifice, and delayed gratification. Good character is the key to self-respect, earning the respect of others, positive relationships, fulfillment, achievements, and success in every area of your life.

Topics Covered: Pre-Test / Personal Responsibility / Taking Responsibility / Making Good Choices / Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 1 / Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 2 / Positive Thinking / Motivation / Reaching Your Full Potential / Self-Esteem / and Post-Test.


Duration: 4 Hours

Description: Our Theft Intervention/Shoplifting Prevention Class is designed to help individuals learn to accept responsibility for their impulsive behaviors and to overcome thinking errors. Participants will learn to identify necessary steps to make a positive change, avoid future negative behaviors and to make better choices and decisions.

Topics Covered: Pre-Test / Theft, Shoplifting and Stealing / Wants Vs. Needs / Budgeting / Making Good Choices / Decision Making and Good Judgment Part 1 / Decision Making And Good Judgment Part 2 / Small Choices That Can Hurt You In The Future / and Post-Test.

Truancy Intervention Program for Students (TIPS)

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: The Truancy and Absence Intervention Program for Students focuses on areas of self-esteem, positive thinking, motivation, and reaching full potential. In addition, the program also covers why school is important, useful, and not a waste of time. We provide examples of how math and reading skills are used in the real world to promote the importance of school. We also share the chilling statistics of those who fail to graduate. Both are done in contrast to show the overwhelming benefits of finishing school and the how the absence from school can destroy young lives – a choice most regret. It is important to have hope for the future.

Topics Covered: Pre-Test / Graduating Will Improve Your Life / Why School is Important / Reasons for Truancy / Finding Help for Truancy / My Learning Style / Motivation / Positive Thinking / Reach Your Full Potential / Self-Esteem / and Post-Test.

Vaping, Tobacco and Nicotine Awareness

Duration: 4 Hours

Description: This Vaping, e-Cigs and Nicotine Awareness class is an eye-opener for any young person. If life is a game, then big tobacco companies try to rig the game against you. From nicotine addiction to a cancer diagnosis, it all comes down to making a dollar at the detriment of the consumer. We’ll cover the laws that protect minors, information on the addictive qualities of nicotine products, the deceptive practices of the tobacco industry, and how young people are targeted in order to sell deadly and addictive products.

Topics Covered: Pre-Test / Vaping, Juuling & E-Cigs, Vaping & E-Cigs – What You Need to Know Now, Tobacco as a Drug, Description of Tobacco Products, Nicotine & Its Addictive Qualities, Nicotine’s Effects on The Brain & Body, Negative Health Effects of Tobacco, How Vaping & Tobacco Companies Target Youth, and post-test.